Information on statistics of foreign trade activities:

  • CUSTOMS STATISTICS FEA RF Briefly Import Export Russia, BASE FEA 2012, 2011,2010Retrospective – since 1996, the ability to update – weekly, monthly. current sheets GTE / expanded explanation with contact details of Russian companies (on 01.12.2011), 3 format of reporting on the analysis codes.

    Analysis of railway transport statistics (database Railways):

    • DATABASE freight railway transport Russian statistics, the database of “Russian Railways»Retrospective – since 1997. Information is updated daily or perhaps another update, contact information (address, phone, fax, full name, e-mail, www) senders, recipients, contract holder Russian organizations from the database ROSTATA as at 01.10.2011
      • Statistics transportation of Kazakhstan

        Information on customs statistics of foreign trade activities of the CIS countries:

        • Database Foreign Trade of Ukraine, Ukrainian customs base in 2012, 2011,2010Retrospective – 1999, customs data update Ukraine – on a monthly basis, 10 days after the end of the month, contact information (address, phone, fax, full name, e-mail, www) senders, recipients, contract holder Ukrainian organizations from the database Minstat Ukraine as of 01.10.2011
          • Belarus Customs statistics, export import, customs database BelarusAdvanced Format declarations from 01.01.2000 to 01.09.2006, the total customs statistics of the Republic of Belarus from 01.09.2006 till the present time.
            • Statistics of the Customs Union of Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus
            • Custom base in Kazakhstan, customs statistics: import export of KazakhstanRetrospective – Since 2004, a number of formats to provide the customs statistics of Kazakhstan
              • Custom base in Uzbekistan, customs statistics: export import UzbekistanRetrospective – 2000, Customs data updated every ten days / month 3-5 days after the end of the reporting period.
                • Custom base piers, customs statistics: export import MoldovanRetrospective – since 2007.

                  Monitoring of foreign economic activity of the world:

                  • China Customs data
                  • Customs Statistics of Brazil
                  • Customs Statistics Argentina
                  • Customs Statistics of India
                  • Customs Statistics South Korea
                  • Customs Statistics of the United States
                  • (US customs export data without the name of the company; US customs export data with the names of companies; US consignments at the ports of the United States imports)
                  • Customs Statistics of Spain
                  • Mexico Customs data
                  • Colombia Customs data
                  • Chile Customs data
                  • Customs Statistics Uruguay
                  • Customs Statistics of Ecuador
                  • Customs Statistics of Venezuela
                  • Customs Statistics of Pakistan
                  • Customs Statistics Costa Rica
                  • Customs Statistics Honduras
                  • Customs Statistics of Bolivia
                  • Customs Statistics Paraguay
                  • Japanese customs data
                  • Peru customs data
                  • Statistics of the European Union

                    So we are pleased to offer the following services:

                    • Database owners of railway wagons RF
                    • Analysis of the financial condition of the company, checking business partners (Russia and Ukraine)
                    • Statistics production based on Rosstat database
                    • Register of Enterprises of Russia
                    • Statistics of production of Ukraine
                    • Directory of Ukrainian enterprises
                    • Register of enterprises of KazakhstanSpecify your personal requirements to the form of the report by phone. +7 (495) 925 00 16 or via the feedback form, and they will be executed in any desired format !!!

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