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      SEO below: The main advantage that gives customs statistics of the Russian Federation – is the ability to obtain data on the foreign economic activity of the enterprises and the subsequent analysis of the current situation on the market. And thanks to the marketing information provided by our company, possibly drawing up long-term plans to ensure the promotion of the market.

      Customs Statistics of the Russian Federation

      Federal Office of Statistics Customs monitors and records the importation and supply of Russian raw materials, industrial components used in the production. Thus, the basis of customs statistics contains the full information on trade flows inbound and outbound from Russia, their structure and geographical focus groups of goods. The available summary information allows us to organize all of the data on foreign trade enterprises and organizations. Employees of the company are the reports and provide analysis on the position you have selected based on the task with maximum detailing the movement of goods.

      Using the data of customs statistics in a certain time frame, our company compares changes in the intensity of the external economic activity, both for individual companies as well as by industry as a whole. A compulsory part of our selection of data on the required position is the value of the results of marketing research for the development of promising companies. Using the Russian customs statistics on processed us directions, possible to undertake a full market analysis of trends in the expansion or contraction of the external economic activities of major competitors. A detailed study of customs statistics on flows of goods, their value and purpose, makes it possible to determine not only the current state of the market, but also to predict the dramatic changes in the regional and sectoral activities.

      What is the Russian customs statistics

      Statistics on foreign trade are necessary conditions in order to compare to prior periods and comparison of the available data. On the base of foreign trade, the movement of trade flows, it can determine the intensity of the development of industries and, as a consequence, the adoption of effective management decisions in the strategic plan of the company. Comprehensive analysis of the data, carried out by our company, on the movement of goods through the customs of the Russian Federation gives you an idea of ??the dynamics and the seasonality of the processes occurring in the external economic trade. Thanks to our data, which are derived from customs statistics, import / export, there is a timely update of the company’s current plans and the adjustment of long-term and short-term projects.

      What does the basis of customs statistics

      Customs statistics contains classified data and statistical value of headings for all countries. Complete and up a report that is left of the absolutely reliable sources, forms the necessary basis for the further promotion of businesses. Market research on the reports carried out on the basis of statistics of foreign trade, guarantee companies and companies with a competitive advantage in the industries of its direct activities. In many ways, structured statistical data on foreign trade provide information that highlights trends in the changes of the market. And it is the receipt, analysis and classification of data from statistics held by the company allows us to compare the flow of goods across countries, in retrospect, with the forecast for the further development of foreign trade in the selected region and market segment.

      Our proposed customs statistics of the Russian Federation allows comparative monitoring of the dynamics of the production, to determine the economic activity in a number of industries. These statistics make it possible to obtain reliable information about competitors and that sometimes it is very important information on the activities of the partners.

      Represent the value of the selected data of Federal Service of Statistics Customs Russia for a specific commodity flows of export / import, when to determine and compare the results of its activities to the intensity of the type of business in the international survey. Our methods of data processing are the basis for the company’s marketing, a leading foreign trade. That report, which we offer, formed after analyzing the database of Statistics, will allow you to make a statistical analysis based not on the average of numbers, but on concrete statistics of imports and exports of commodity or resource position.

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