Customs Statistics of Ukraine, DATABASE traders, Customs base in Ukraine in 2012

Custom Database , you can buy on our website is presented in several different ways.

3 Format custom database Ukraine :

(case1 custom database)

download sample : Customs Statistics Ukraine

(case2 customs database)

download sample : customs statistics Ukraine

(case3 customs database FEA)

download sample : customs statistics Ukraine

Statistics Foreign Trade of Ukraine is available from 1999 to present.

Update – weekly / monthly.

Reports from the database based on the customs of Ukraine LCA data of Ukraine

If necessary, may complete accounting services: contract, the act of acceptance works and invoice , sending registered mail to Russia and scanned copies by e-mail;

Tell your desired codes UKT Zed (HS) from the directory ( DOWNLOAD DIRECTORY ), of interest to the direction of movement of cargo (import / exports), the period for which the necessary customs statistics, the desired format fields of the customs database – using the feedback form or simply call us. We calculate the cost for your specific request, specify all necessary details!

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