Customs framework in Kazakhstan: Exports and imports of goods

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This type of report on the customs database Kazakhstan comes with an optional description of the product since 2011

Customs Statistics of Foreign Trade of Kazakhstan is available from 01/01/2004 to present. Ask for sample reports up to 2011, as well as recent examples of export import of Kazakhstan!


from 01.07.2010, in connection with the formation of the Customs Union of Kazakhstan FEA data transaction excluded from trading in Russia and Belarus! Obtaining this information is only possible from database of the customs union

If necessary, may enter into an Agreement on customs basis of Kazakhstan and the provision of all necessary accounting documents (certificate of acceptance of work performed and the invoice).

On the basis of Kazakhstan customs usually order the customs statistics of other CIS countries, or countries of the world, to see more about the information services for the provision of customs databases in section “Custom Data”

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