Customs database export and import of Belarus

  • Common customs statistics RB

    DOWNLOAD EXAMPLE : base FEA Belarus

    • Detailed data of customs statistics RB

      We also possible to buy base FEA RB in a larger format declarations with werewolves sheets GTD (extended explanation) for the period from 01.01.2000 to the current date. Ask for an example of using the form feedback or by calling us.

      Customs Statistics Belarus
      provides information on foreign trade participants of foreign trade of Belarus with all countries, including countries Customs Union , Russia and Kazakhstan

      If necessary, may complete accounting services: the contract, the act of acceptance and sdachivypolnennyh works and the invoice is sent by registered mail with Russia and copies of the scanned copy via e-mail;

      Tell your desired HS code * from the directory (DOWNLOAD DIRECTORY) , of interest to the direction of movement cargo (import / export), the period for which the necessary customs statistics, the desired set of basic fields custom database – using the feedback form or simply call us. We calculate the cost for your specific request, specify all necessary details!

      You can also, in addition to the customs statistics, RB, to buy customs database following countries:

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