Railway Data

We offer our clients Statistics freight by rail:

information base on railway transport include information on the goods carried, its volume, the number of cars, information on senders / recipients and their contact information including phone numbers, addresses, e-mail, date of departure, place of departure and destination, more on the links above to select country of your interest.

Database Railway. Statistics on the transport RailwaysLet’s talk about marketing, statistics, analysis. I’ll start allegorical “O Glory of God!” That we do not often have to go to the doctors and very well that this treatment is regarded as a critical situation / extreme measure. Coming to the doctor first thing he will check your pulse and if his figures are normally some hope as soon as possible to get rid of you at the doctor die, and you will be to further the study of methodological reasons entailing either ailment. This meeting, as does the disease could have been avoided knowing in advance about any premises.Have to take the country’s economy as a single organism, it is legitimate to compare the railways with his arteries as to the extent and significance of delivery of necessary elements of life, and the volume of traffic is nothing short of its puls- indicator of the health or impending disease (according to Rosstat the market share of rail freight services on major strategic goods forming mineral fuel economy reaches the absolute value). Therefore, marketing service company can be compared with the doctor conducting regular diagnostics of selected sectors of the economy and we have to supply all necessary tools, Kojima is a daily updated database of rail freight.

Examples of the use of the railway base:

    1. Ability to identify potential customers / suppliers of manufactured products you examined the supply chain from source to destination with established pricing, suggest a better partnership using their privileged position, or unused capacity.
    2. With a base of railway transport on a daily basis, you can monitor the activity of competitors, and using historical data to trace the dynamics of the development of your market as a whole.
    3. Since 2009, Rosstat closed data on production by enterprises (this information is available upon request). We also offer an alternative to take the obvious decision- shipping companies for the value equal to their output. True it is effective only for those sectors of the economy that are quite monopolized and turnover which is carried out only by rail. Indicative of the fact that in some cases the volume of shipments of such enterprises above * (analyzed only stable performance shipments over a long period) than those who passed by this company in the Rosstat through official channels statistical reporting. But this is a topic of analysis.
      Our advantages:

      1. If you put other companies grouped indicators in different views, dynamic graph drawn with wavy peak / damped points and other pictorial elements – it’s all just statistics. We move on to answer the question – why ?! Why there was a surge or sag in the market at some point in detail to each company, using their financial statements, the structural changes in the production and joint-stock plan, as well as the current trends prevailing in the market at that date (demand, supply, producer prices, the construction of new objects) and this is the analysis! This will be used all our available sources of information (Rosstat, the Federal Tax Service, UKRMINSTAT, FCS and other).
      2. Even if you ordered from us traffic statistics for 1 month, we will provide free monthly trend with depth in 1 year by sender, recipient, regions, and countries. Accordingly, if the ordered time period is 1 year, retrospective indicators attach for 3 years.
      3. Before ordering and payment we can send all of your overhead railway, to setting an example to be able to ensure completeness and correctness of the proposed changes. Findings of the preliminary statistics for the requested information indicating the count of units of rolling stock passed over a given period of time, the number of senders / recipients, and the final volume indicators. Especially if after delivery of the data, you will not find at least one railway consignment note, we will refund the money to 100 percent. volume.
      4. In the supplied data we used the database attach Rosstat to include the contact details of Russian companies (phone, name of manager, Ares, www, e-mail, and more. Others see. examples)
      5. All data is provided on a contractual basis with registration of all accounting documents and sending them by registered mail as well as scanned by e-mail.

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